Carpet cleaning DIY or get a professional in?

I am not sure about you but my house needs a good clean and my carpets are a little bit grubby, well actually quite dirty. My family just walk through and not always take their shoes off. Therefore we get dirty carpets that need to be cleaned.

The next question is do we do it ourselves by buying carpet cleaner from the supermarket and do it ourselves which would be cheaper but would it do the job and how much effort would it take and would it really get it clean. I guess I need to check to see how dirty the carpet is and if a supermarket product would do it or not. And how do I work that out a I am not a carpet professional.

The other alternative is to get a carpet cleaning professional in and do it for me, which for lots of reasons makes sense and the only I have linked to is the best one I have found. So looks like I will be using them as doing it myself seems a lot of work, which isn’t the issue, I am just concerned that my efforts to save money will not result in a clean carpet I would be proud of!!!

And that is important, I do take pride in my house and want a clean carpet, actually need a clean carpet, actually would love a clean carpet…

I have asked my friends if they have had success with cleaning their carpets themselves and some have but most haven’t, so it points me to get a professional carpet cleaning company in. Ty friends have recommended a few, some good some look not so good.

So now haven written this blog post and thinking about it, I will get a company in to do it.

What are your experiences?




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