About Us

Hi I am Nigel and this my blog of my life, my advice, tips, thoughts, loves, hates, feelings, comments, views and beliefs!!!

I have lots of tips I acquire from the web, friends, relatives and general reading, so I will add these to my blog, along with all my ramblings.

I hope you find it useful, some tips may be a bit weird but go with it, they may help you. They won’t all be domestic tips for things around the house, like cleaning, although some will as they are cool and important in my opinion.

So this is the plan, let’s see if I can fulfill my plan and this blog will keep it real and me focused. I do hope so but you never know as blogs start and some go on to greatness and some not so much, just wither and die. I personally have started several blogs and diaries and all have withered and died, so  wish me luck…




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