Glass is fragile

Bexley Glass know only too well that many areas of our homes and business premises are made from glass, not only the windows, but also doors and furniture as well. However, with glass being fragile, it is likely to be broken. There is a very common belief that once the glass element of a window, door or even furniture item breaks thenthe whole unit needs to be replaced. At Bexley Glass we know that this is not the case as quality glazing repair companies like ours are able to fix this problem without having to change the whole unit.

Window Repairs

Windows are the most plentiful glass product in our houses and the chance of them being broken or in need of some sort of repair at some point is almost inevitable. If a double glazed window gets broken, unfortunately the whole sealed unit itself will actuallyneed replacing, not simplyjust the glass. Be awarethough, that the unit itself can be removed from the overall window frame and can be replacedeasily. Don’t be fooled by any double glazing companies that may insist that our whole window needs to be replaced. e.g. if you have a bay window, and only one pane of glass gets damaged.

A broken window or door can happen at any time of the day or night and cannot be left unattended as it will result in a cold andunsecured property. Ensure that you know of a local trusted glazier who offers a 24-hour emergency repair service or boarding up service just in case you should need them, you know who to contact straight away.

Internal Glass Door Repair

Internal doors and windows often feature a glass element as they allow light to pass through them making the whole house more illuminated. They can also compliment the appearance of the rooms, particularly if the glass panes arepatterned.

The only real issues with having glass in interior doors is that they get slammed shut at times, causing the glass panes to weaken and sometimes even shatter as a result. Also, kids playing at home often have little regard for the many breakable items all around them, which occasionally leads to a stray toy or ball smashing into a door glass pane or window.

Many people often panic when the glass element of a door or window is broken, thinking that the whole window or door will need to be replaced at a large cost; this is really not the case. A reputable glazing company, such as ours, will be able to replace the broken glass pane professionally at a reasonable cost. A quality company only uses top quality glass products like Pilkington Texture Glass to complete the repair to your complete satisfaction.

Mirror Repairs

According to the famous superstition, breaking a mirror brings with it seven years of bad luck; this bad luck shouldn’t  begin with having to pay for the full cost of a complete new mirror and frame. Glazing repair firms are always able to replace mirrors without having to change you for the frame, which obviously reduces your overall repair costs.

Whatever your glazing repair needs are, always ensure that you’ve got a local glazing company that you can really trust for top quality and competitive prices. Ensure that they’ve got a good reputation in the glazing business service and are value for money.